How long will it take to complete the repairs?
We try to complete most repairs the same day. If this is not possible, we will provide you with special transportation arrangements.
How much will it cost?
We bring you the most accurate and low prices.
My car is running rough. Do I need a tune-up?

You'll be glad to know we offer a free initial diagnostic.

Is there a charge to check out my car?
Paradise Automotive Service provides you with an initial  free diagnostic.
Do I need an appointment for a repair?

Appointments are great, but walk-ins are welcomed.

What credit cards do you take?

All major credit cards are accepted.*

Why does my car need maintenance if it's running fine?
Regular maintenance of your vehicle protects your investment, helps to prevent breakdowns, and will save you on the cost of repairs in the future.
What will happen if I don't have the repairs done right now?
A small issue can become a bigger problem and could become unsafe. Make sure to have it taken care of.
What Should I Do When My Check Engine Lights Come On?

We invite you to come in for a free diagnostic.

How Often Should I Have My Brakes Checked?
Depends on the driving condition. You'll be glad to know we provide a multi-point inspection with every service we provide.
What Type of Oil Filter Do I Need?

Depending on your vehicle, our well experience service team will identify the type of oil and filter and advice you.

Do you provide pick up and delivery?

Paradise Automotive Service will gladly pick up your vehicle, perform services and deliver to your home or office. We also provide Shuttle service.

Have a Car Repair Question?

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